Hyde Concert!! ^-^

HYDE's concert

It was great! Once we arrived at the stadium we had to get in line and we saw many hot guys in line! They just started to come after us and get in line at the end. Growcheekatt and I followed these two really tall ones with a momo TT.TT. Ok then there was this tottaly gay cute guy and some other awesome people who weren't hot but became our 'friends' for the time being. After an hour or two in line we stood up and made our way to the auditorium. Growcheekatt's ankle was really hurting but she still had time to dig her nails into our friends's shoulder when an AMAZINGLY freaking wreaking boy with so awesome amazing walked by! Um...we saw Gackt's body gaurds! ok this might sound racist to others but Gackt's body guards are all big black men or sometimes big white men. Well there were big black men for guards here too! and he acted like he would if Gackt was somewhere in the part we weren't allowed into! we saw these hot guys go through a cage thing and up stairs I asked the guy, "Wheres that go?" "...nowhere" Growchekatt said, "No where for us anyway" and I replied, "Those guys just walked up it has to go somewhere" he answered, "It leads to the back to the way you are going so GO" and we went. lol we finally got there and entered I didn't get much swag cuz I didn't wanna loose my spot in the crowd cuz I was pretty close and all. I didn't get a shirt or wrist band TT.TT!!! but I did get the cd FAITH and the USA L'arc en ciel tour ^-^ so thats good too!
Ok concert! We waited for another hour and soon the opening band arrived. The Black List Club They were pretty cool. It was great though. He had Hyde on the back of his guitar or when ever he said Hyde everyone including me would scream. At the begining some person yelled, "YOUR HOT!!" to the lead singer and he replied, "Thank you!!.....wait...uh, HELLO SANFRANSICO!!" haha it was great because the person who said it was a guy! ^-^ he didn't realize til a few seconds later. hehe ^-^. After another hour and twenty minutes HYDE finally arrived! he came out with his band and started to play songs first was Jesus Christ then others after that. He soon talked and said things like, "LETS BE CRAZY TOGETHER!!" it was great! ^-^ Then he would do more songs! Ok so I would jump jump jump and JUMP!!! I soo badly wanted to get noticed by my love!! TT.TT I screamed, "I LOVE YOU HYDE!!!!!!!!" like a few times when the crowd dyed down too! ^-^ After or right before it ended Our Friend threw the bunny he bought for Hyde to the stage and almost hit the guitart! lol then he moved it back so nobody would step on it. Hyde later turned around saw it, he looked like he was staring at it like, "What the hell?" then started to play music again. The drummer threw his drum sticks into the crowd too! He threw it, then the other and it was coming right towards me!! I quickly raised my hands and caught it!! other people grabbed at it but I kept a hold of it! it was mine!! and I have it!! I'll take a picture of it later with my new camera thats another thing I got this most AMAZINGLY awesome camera it rocks and looks sexy!! ^-^ AN-E-WAYs yea I gots it! and I stayed after a little to get everything they threw off the stage to clean and I saw that HYDE was reading cue cards like I thought he would the whole time!!!! haha, I wanted them! ^-^
Then we left, got in taxi and left.
Returned to my house and the two stayed the night. we ate then slept.

Also this was the 17th b-day present ^-^
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You's Tale pt.1

“Clean, clean, clean, and lots cleaning that all I be doing!” You’s head falls in exhaustion at the site of the messiest kitchen he has ever since in his entire life. Is his roommate a pig or rat? He takes out the broom from the closet and eyed over the large kitchen. “Pizza? Boiling water in pots on stove and in microwave? What? There no need for such things!!” You’s eyes widen and he screams at the gooey texture of a small wiggly slimy creature running across his bare feet. His eyes still wide open after it passes only catching a glimpse of what it looks like. “It sin against Kamisama!!” he screams stepping back with tears in his eyes. “This take lots of work…” he reaches into the same closet which had the broom pulling out a pink apron, with frills running around the aprons trim, on the apron it had the words, “Give me Toys” and a light pink pattern of daisies. You leans the broom against the wall, which also had food stains and muffins stuck on it –don’t ask— and ties the apron around his waist and neck. He grabs the broom once again and begins his duty of a life time, the hardest work; he must battle to protect his life from the wonders and creatures never seen before on the human world. His life was in danger, all that could be done was use the broom and scrubber to fight off all that attacked him! The mold took life, jumping towards You’s face! You dodged and attacked with the soap! The soap soaked into the mold making the mold grow stronger. You was shocked and had nothing more to do then go in first hand. He pulled his scrubber from his all handy belt of cleaning and lunged at the plates. The mold retaliated with throwing scum at You’s pretty apron but the apron reflected the scum making it dissolve in thin air! You was triumphant but he still had to defeat the rest of the kitchen since his wonderfully beautiful, loving, magnificent, and most sexist person ever roommate tried to make some curry but that didn’t quite work out so he instead bought some pizza while he waited for You to wake up from when he threw that Upty doll at him.

---Hey Gackt give me back the computer!! This is my story now…go...go back to You and sex him up!!—

You finally finishes cleaning up the kitchen, which took a span of about three days to completely clean. He looks around the room triumphantly wondering how the hell Gackt does this the kitchen! You leaves the kitchen his whole body aching and a bit smelly but oddly he smells like citrus so instead of showering he heads back towards his room to fall asleep but while he was walking past the entrance to the basement he hears a sound, something like a scream. His eyes widen and he rushes towards the door grabbing the knob to open it, another scream came. He couldn’t tell if it was a man or women, then thought came to his mind, “It probably Gackt with cockroach” he sighs but another piercing scream came from the basement. You decides to check it out just in case, if it is a cockroach he could just kill it for the grown man to stop screaming. He heads down the stairs, the many flights of them, until he reaches the wine cellar. He hears another scream but the voice doesn’t really sound like Gackt’s, nor his creepy women voice. You glances around and heads towards the sounds. He has lived with Gackt for a long time now…years, now him for years, but still, what this man does, you can never get used to! His eyes came across Gackt, in his usually black leather but this time holding a long also leather whip while a boy, looking quite young from behind at least was chained up in an odd contraption. “I did not know this down here…” You whispered to him self staring at the event going on in front of his eyes. The boy was chained by his legs and arms, his arms up in the air connected to a wooden arch, his legs bent, and knees on the ground. His ankles where chained to the post as well and a chain hanging from around his neck for a collar. You could not tell who the boy was since his blonde streaked brown hair covered his face; he couldn’t put the scream to the face as well and it was harder to tell who it was when he had the male’s naked ass staring at him. Gackt turns around to spy the tall cute man staring at the male he was whipping.
“You, what are you doing here? Did you want to join Takanorisan and me?” Gackt asks with a mischievous but serious expression.
“Oh ma stars and garters!” You says quickly rushing his way past the wine bottles –not with out grabbing one first-- and back up the stairs and through the door slamming it shut. A blush came across his face, he closes his eyes and sighs leaning against the door.
“Gaku… why you so mean…” he puts his hand up to his chest clenching at his apron –which he was to tired to take off— “Me heart hurts again…” he makes his way back towards his original plan of sleeping in his bedroom while still holding his chest tightly. His body ached and now did his insides. Gackt always would bring some random guy over to the house and do many ‘things’ to him but…it would always hurt if You walks in on them. Gackt doesn’t even care he would ask You if he would want to join sometimes, other times he would say “You, can you make me some food? It’s been a couple days and I’m starting to feel a little hungry.” If that happened You would sulk in the kitchen doing as Gaku asked. Other wise he would sulk in his room curling into a ball on his fluffy bed cuddling to his Upty stuffies. But one good thing always came out of this Gackt would remember about You finding him with another man and would pay him a visit in his room a few days later. Gackt would come into the room and—
Gackt knocks on You’s door but You doesn’t reply, Gackt enters anyway being the man he is. Still wearing his black tight leather, very filling and sexy on the man –I mean God—in front of him.
“You…” Gackt closes the door behind him, “Gomen, when I saw you…and asked you to join me, I realized how you are the only one for me. You are the only one I want to be with, Takanori, Hyde, Masa, Mana, and the others don’t mean anything to me. They were just play toys. You are the one I want to be with. You, you are my soul mate.”
You’s eyes widen at the words spoken to him, his eyes tear up ready to cry. His body was frozen to the bed and the only thing he could do was stare. Gackt came closer to him, and wrapped his arms around the male. “Let’s be together…forever”
You nods cheerfully, Gackt places his lips on You’s connecting their warmth. Gackt’s hands slide across You’s body, as You lays there helplessly. He closes his eyes and holds his breathe only to be set free by the mind blowing fusion of Gackt’s kisses. Gackt quickly removes You’s clothes ripping off all what was not needed except for of course the onyx bracelet he received from Gackt. The plastic creature on top of him ran his hand down You’s body, down his chest, his slender waist, teasingly passing by the man’s penis to get to the thighs. He makes his way back up making You give a small moan in happy pleasure. You still couldn’t move, he felt like a force was keeping him down on the bed only able to moan. Gackt took You’s member into his hand gently sliding his finger down the shaft and back up to the tip. He stuck out his tongue and leans his head forward but stops, “You, can you make me some food?”
You stared at him confusedly for a long hard moment before, he heard a door open. His eyes flashed open to find he was to say the least touching him self while he slept. Gackt walks into the fluffy looking room, with many toys surrounding him. “You…some dinner? Maybe some of your special, should take some down to Takasan as well hes a little…tied up a the moment”
You nods to Gaku with out a word, he slowly removed his hand from the position so Gackt wouldn’t notice. Gackt doesn’t allow masturbation at any time! Gackt stares at him for a moment. “…” his face still completely blank but the look in his eyes seemed as if he was wondering about the world itself, “….” He stood there in the doorway. You stares at Gackt for a long while until finally he replies with, “…Gaku, I make Nikujaga.” He mumbled hoping Gackt heard it. Gackt expression did not change but his eyes flashed, as if he came back to reality from those words.
“Sounds good…don’t take long.” Gackt finishes closing the subject, he grabs the wine in You’s room takes a large swig and walking away out of the room, away back into the basement with Takanori or better known as T.M.Revolution. You put himself back into his jeans, zipping them back up and buttoning them as well. He flips over the blankets which hid what could have been a most embarrassing moment. His body jerks slightly as he swings over his feet to touch the ground. You sighs closing his eyes remembering the dream wishing so badly that it was real. He has slept with Gackt before, but the only thing hes gotten close to those words was, “You’re my soul mate lets stay together” but really Gackt sleeps with all those other men as well. “Gaku…is whore” You’s eyes widen at the words coming from his mouth, he was surprised he said that…out loud. Jealously can bring out anger especially from this tough gangster, you know, You can be tough…when he wants to be but when he is around Gackt, his…how do you say? Uke side comes out and he can’t do much then cry. So now, he does as Gackt orders, he makes dinner. For Gaku, and Taka. You knows he wouldn’t be able to eat while his Gaku is inside another man, he hasn’t been able to eat much. Gackt hasn’t noticed, how You loses all that weight, how he doesn’t eat much, how he keeps to himself now a days. Gackt is to concerned about him self, how he has to keep his body in tip top shape by sleeping with every skinny, black hair, cute J-rocker he knows. You stands in front of the stove with tears strolling down his tender cheek wishing he could hear Gackt say those words when all he hears is another pleasured scream from the basement.
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